GDS and Global Sustainability

Globalization brings our world closer than ever before. Nations become neighbors, industries become partners, and cultures are enriched. However we also see continents, countries and cultures struggle to survive. We see conflict and corruption when compassion and cooperation are required. When countries and cultures disagree about so much in so many areas, we must start with common goals. As our common goals are achieved, our differences will diminish and disagreements will disappear.  Now more than ever we share the responsibility from every corner of the world to ensure we leave a cleaner, greener planet for the generations that follow.

If technology is the engine that drives our world, innovation is the fuel on which it runs. Innovation changes lives, gives hope where there was none, and shapes the future. While technology gives us the ability to collect and store enormous amounts of information, it is innovation that allows us to use this information to solve seemingly unsolvable problems.

Our goal is to work with industries and organizations throughout the world, leveraging advanced technologies and global cooperation to provide a network of next generation recycling hubs. As evidenced in China, the import of recycling materials creates affordable raw materials that help an economy thrive and provide a better life for its people. With this knowledge, we can now duplicate this process throughout the world, benefiting those most in need.

Global Waste Recycling Market Outlook 2017: Revenue is likely to increase from $247.48 billion to $265.65 billion – Research and Markets

February 28, 2017 12:51 PM Eastern Standard Time


Sid Leake

GDS Managing Partner